2- The Current Architect

Architect! this is what we aspire to be when we applied to this curse. But do we really know what does it really mean? Like the word architecture in the first unit, it has many explanations and each person has her visions about what an architect is supposed to do and his responsabilities. And more all the visions are right because they all swim in the same bath.

Amoung the explanations that we can attribute to architect wa have: a professional devoted to design, others think that its simply the person who make architecture, or an organized and creative person who create houses and buildings for his clients…. But for me an architect is a mix of all this visions, it’s an organized creative passionate intelligent and patient person who let his creativity and talent speak to please his clients and spread beauty all over us, by embellishing our vision and environment.

– Google image

We also saw the characteristics and what do we have to learn as future architects. Indeed we must learn to see and analyze what surround us, draw, travel to enrich our culture and inspiration, read, take pics, to critisize, be curious, learn how to communicate and express our selves, to be informed about materials and technics to stay updated. All this will help us to be able to project our ideas in the real life and be capable to realize our visions in a correct material way .