Who Am I ?

“Who Am I?”, the best way to introduce myself right?

Well, let’s start with the basic facts to say about myself; my name is Kenza Jader, I’m 19 years old and I just strated an architecture career at the Polytechnical University of Valencia in Spain. I’m also a foreign student from Morroco especially the city of Marrakech also known as The Red city of Morroco. My city introduced me to the love of architecture and the beauty of different constructions, colours, designs and materials.

“Why did I choose Architecture?” this is the second important question; Well I would say because I’ve always been passionate by all the beautiful constructions of the world as historic monuments from all eras and all cultures. The architecture of houses and buildings also always attracted me; the process of building, the design, the choice of materials… All of these factors mixed with my love for the creativity and innovation led me to my actual career.

“What Am I Passionate About In Life?” to close my personal presentation, I’m passionate about beauty in general; beautiful buildings, old districts and historic monuments charged with history and photography. That’s why I would be glad to let my mark in this domain and be part of it!

-Picture I took of a building in The Carmen-