PA1- MY ENVIRONMENT_ things around me.

Actually, I’m sitting on my blue chair in my balcony; my favourite place at home. From here, I can have a panoramic view of the entire avenue Blasco Ibanez, a large park where the old and young people walk their dogs, or walk around, we can also see couples sitting on the benches and kids playing.

From here, I observe life from an exterior point of view and analyse the environment that happens around me.

STEP 1- The experience of the environment.

Why did choose this place?

I choosed this place because of the peace, serenity and power that gives me. At my balcony I feel in peace observing life from above whitout being an actor in it, I feel powerful too because I feel like I’m in control from where I am. When I sit here at my balcony, I feel more inspired and concentrated. The first time I came home here at Valencia, I was automatically attracted by this little corner of peace and the idea of just sitting there thinking, watching people and cars come and go, working on the matinal warm sun and the fresh air.

What makes you comfortable?

What’s making me comfortable here at the balcony is the fresh air touching my face and the warm sun rays coming straight from the sky. I feel comfortable here too because it’s now a familiar place for me, it’s a apart from my appartment so I feel safe here. I feel like I’m Home.

There is some disruptive element?

YES! it bothers me that I can see the entire sunset because of a building that’s hiding it. So I would like to remove it if I had magical powers. And also there is some reparations at the building in front of mine; the noise and the actual aspect of the building are disturbing me, but it’s temporary.

Do you think you’d feel the same way in another space right now?

I’m not going to lie, I really miss home so much, my room, my garden, my mountain’s house… These are the places where I feel the most comfortable and happy. But at the same time I’m for sure glad and gratful to be here now, it’s a chance that life gave me so the answer is NO I won’t be feeling the same. The feeling I have here is different, it’s a mix of freedom and happiness and tranquility. So yes I miss home and my repers but I built a different type of feelings for this place.

Do you think that the conditions of this space influence its occupants?

YES! a lot and I think that it’s totally normal and real. The conditions of a space influence it’s occupants, it’s a statment. because we live in this space so we endure the conditions and we adapt. If I thak my balcony as an example, when it’s sunny,warm and clean; it’s a pleasure to sit in it read a book, study, or just meditate. But when it’s rainy cloudy or windy, it’s impossible to sit in it because of the conditions.

Would you change anything?

I think I would add some plants to give the space more life and vitality.

STEP 2- Read and understand the text and write reflections about it.


In his writting, Peter Zumthor is focusing on the notion of environment , and how to perceive and undertsand what is surrounding us. It’s also talking about the feelings that we can feel just by feeling the environment around us and feel every message that is sending to us. In his book, Peter Zumthor is also untroducing to us 9 main components that describe the athmosphere. This architectural fairytale, pushed me to think more about the perception of reality, the importance of materials and the connection we should establish with our environment as future architects.