PA2- Opinions_ The Architecture from it’s actors.



ANTONI GAUDI (picture from google images)

Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926) was a Catalan architect from Spain, he is known as the greatest exponent of Catalan Modernism. His works are caracterised by a high individualisation, and most of them are located at Barcelona as for example his biggest and main work : The church of SEGRADA FAMILIA. As I said before, Gaudi had a very unique style that made him original, this originality is also showed in his approach to design his buildings prefering to work on 3D models. Most of his works are located at Barcelona where he spent his whole career.


Casa Vicens.

-Casa Vicens(google images)

Casa Vicens is the first most important work of Gaudi, and it’s this piece of art that determined the style of all his later architectural works. The story of this architectural monument is that Manel Vicens i Montaner a stock and currency broker gave to our young architect Antoni Gaudi the mission of designing his summer garden home. Casa Vicens then was built between 1883 and 1885 and as I said it was this creation that boosted the modernism movement in Catalonia.

-close up


Casa Battlo (google image)

In 1904, Gaudi received the commision that will be one of the most Iconic works he has ever done. Joseph Battlo comissioned Gaudito design a modern and completly different house instead of the design that was followed at that time. Battlo also gave Gaudi a total freedom to use his creatibity and risk new things. Casa Battlo now is opened to the public and it’s UNESCO world heritage.


It’s impossible to talk about Barcelona without talking about the Sagrada Familia Church.

Gaudi wasn’t the first architect to work on the church, the construction began with Francisco de Paula who was following the codes of ancient architecture; Gothic elements. But due to technical problems, Gaudi was the new architect of the project and he took it to another direction adding his modern and original touch. Five generation know saw the evolutioon of the work and after 140 after the layring of the cornestor, the work continuous on the Sagrada Familia Church.


“Tomorrow we will do beautiful things”, I choosed this quote because it represents the Gaudi’s philosophy in architecture that remains on creativity, desire and hope of being more and more creative tomorrow, after tomorrow… it’s also motivational and beautiful to read, it gives you a kind of motivation to wake up and design the most beautiful house of your city too.

STEP2: Reading and comprehension of a text and reflections

The text “Iwant to be an architect” written by Campo Baeza is normally a text dedicated to kids to introduce to them the universe of architecture with a very funny and cool way, but this text is also good for us; students that just started this journey and are still lost a little bit because it explains how the career works and all the steps, the mistakes we shouldn’t do like working fastly on our projects for example, and also all the development waiting for us during this career. The simplicity of this writting really touched me and I think this is one of the best ways to touch the major part of us; by using his own experience -Campo Baeza- has given birth to a really guidance text to us young students and to kids who want to know more about architecture.