R4- Sevilla: The treasure of Andalusia

City of Seville

I had the chance to visit Sevilla twice and all I can say is it’s my favourite city here in Spain. I think as I showed, I’m passionate about cities or parts of the cities that are the reflexion of the history of the place and Sevilla is an infinite show of beautiful architecture, history and beauty. Walking in Sevilla made me feel like a real princess lost in her city enjoying every part of it.

The Andalusian-Islamic architecture captured my heart and my vision as a future architect. It is so regal and at the same time refined, the fact that it is also timeless is proof that centuries later we still find these magnificent constructions and a large number of people are inspired by these monuments for their homes.

I will never forget the hotel where we stayed with my family during our stay at Sevilla. It was a pure andalusian paradise, the desing of the hotel rooms was just amazing: the sculptures on the walls and the drawings, the tapestries on the walls, the wooden furniture also decorated with drawings and sculptures without forgetting the moldings on the ceiling. This whole magic package made me feel to turn back time into the ancient times as the room remined me of the room of a castle.

I also had the chance to visit Alcazar and Plaza of Espana, and I was also as amazed as the rest of the stay!

I think in terms of architectural beauty, seville is the destination that most won me over and it’s definitely not the last time I will be there!