R3- Marrakech between Modernity and Antiquity

Marrakech, the ocher city, the tourist capital of Morroco or the city of palms; all this appellations designates a compendium of history, modernity, beauty and good times. Marrakech is the destination of tourists all around the world for the monuments that contains and the architectural heritage that remains since eras, years and decades.

But at the same time, Marrakech is one of the modern and developped cities in Morroco, that’s why, we have a big contrast (Positif one) in the city; The antiquity of the monuments but also the modernity of the city. And I think this mixture is what makes Marrakech a beautiful city. In addition, some “modern” buildings, contains some traditional details that go perfectly with modernity but that recall the roots of the city.

What I like about Marrakech, and that’s why I choose this title for my reflexion is that despite the development and the modernity of the city, it kept it’s identity and the heritage is very well-concerved. We can then visit many monuments as the Bahia Castle, The Bacha’s House, The Koutoubia Mosquee, and also the walls of the ancient city are constently restored keeping them in a very good state.

This extraordinary conservation of the cultural heritage of Marrakech goes in parallel with a very important development of the architecture in the modern side of the city, therefore Marrakech contains really developped and modern houses often grouped togheter in residences with golf courses, pools… with very modernestic materials as glass and steel.

And how can I talk about Marrakech without talking about The Mamounia Hotel; this icon of grandiose and luxurious architecture mixing the grandeur and majesty of palaces and the magic of modernity. Mamounia is an iconic place in Marrakech even if it is more often reserved for Hollywood personalities. It’s one of the most luxuruous and famous hotel in the world. Located in the middle of the ramparts of Marrakech and therefore the ancient city, it blends completely into the decor but at the same time the strass and glitter of visitors add a touch of modernity.

To sum up my reflexion, Marrakech is the best example of developement and at the same the protection of the heritage and as we saw in the last unit the protection of heritage is very important and it’s our duty. In marrakech you can be served in both ways; you can travel trough ancient times by getting lost in the medina and the castles, and at the same time you can enjoy the sun and the palms in a very modernistic house or pools, or you can also admire colors in the majorelle garden!