R1- The Majorelle Garden

Marrakech,Morocco , Jardin Majorelle or Majorelle.

The Majorelle Garden or Majorelle also called in french “Jardin Majorelle”. The Majorelle Gardens were designed by the French Artist, Jacques Majorelle in 1924 and it was purchased by Yves St Laurent in 1980. Some 300 species of plants from 5 continents, including cactus palms and aquatic plants are represented here and also an art deco villa labeled house of Illustres, and a museum of the history of Berbers. It is one of the most visited places in Morocco.

It’s called “The majorelle Gardens” because of the colors of the villa in the garden which is “bleue majorelle”, this bright, deep and at the same time original blue is the beauty of the construction. It contrasts perfectly with the trees and plants around, the blue sky of Marrakech and the yellow used for the windows and the curtain of the terrace.

The majorelle Gardens are one of my favourite spot in Marrakech because it combines the beauty of architecture and peace of mind when you walk trough the alleys of the garden. The choice of colors made is a pure bliss. It’s also one of the most visited spots in Marrakech by tourists from all the corners of the world.