R2- El Carmen at Valencia

El Carmen is probably my favourite place here in Valencia. When I firt visited it, I couldn’t believe how charming and architecturaly intersting the Carmen was. I’ve always been attracted to the old spots in the cities because I think that it’s what define the beauty of it. The history reflected by the houses and the monuments there always takes me on a fictional time travel to ancient times, and each construction tells me its story and what it has witnessed over the centuries and years until our time.

The reasons why I really like El Carmen are the colors used in the buildings and the streets, but also the contrast of different architectures in buildings next to each other; you can find a building with Ottoman architecture then another a little more modern then another purely old. We can also find street art in some streets, and another time the contrast between the modern street art and the old buildings is very intersting.

El Carmen also is a place where you can feel life, it’s always animated and full of tourists or people from the city, you can also assist to a music show ; As it happened to me and my best friend, we were walking and then saw people dancing and a group of young men playing bagpipes ( a music instrument from england), and this vision of people dancing in the street laughing and having a great moment in an old street really warmed my heart.

I think that El Carmen is a warm place that make every stranger feel welcome at Valencia, at Plaza de la Virgen also you feel that you are in Spain for real, and the terraces on the place full of people make an athmosphere of happiness, joy and good time.

One of my friends lives in the Carmen and every time I have the occasion to visit him, I’m really excited because the view from his appartement is just awesome. Located next to the catedral of Valencia, so we can see the catedral and also the alley until plaza de la virgen. You can also set in the balcony and observe people walking, hear the catedral, in general observe life!